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DGS #400 Project

November 3rd, 2014

The 400th episode of DGS is fast approaching! #400 should be airing on December 6. Let’s celebrate and tell the boys how much we love them and their antics when they hit this milestone! This past week’s episode was already #395 so I apologize for organizing this so late. I hope many people will be able to participate!

Project Summary
Send drawings of our favorite DGS memories along with letters and snacks.

What is Allowed
Drawings on a sign board (shikishi/色紙), letters, and snacks from your country.

All submissions must be received by November 23. Again, I’m sorry for organizing this late. Since DGS is recorded two episodes at a time, with my calculation, the 400th episode will be recorded as the second episode on the week of November 23-29 so I’d have to send in the stuff before they record the episode. Read more…


Dear Girl ~Stories~ in C3xHOBBY 2014

September 4th, 2014

CharaHobby 2014 took place August 23-24 at Makuhari Messe, and this year the DGS public recording took place on the 23rd at 1PM at the main stage. It’s been two years since the last public recording, and the first at CharaHobby since 2011. I got a great spot in line this year and was the first into the stage area when the doors opened in the morning. As usual, I chose a spot to the right side of the stage. It’s a very clear view and pretty close too. DGS was the second stage of the day and most of the people lined up around the stage area were there to wait for it.

1PM rolled around and the stage started off with a maesetsu by Yagihashi kun and Chanko chan. Yagihashi kun would read the warnings and whenever he said not to do something, Chanko chan would do exactly that. ^^; A minute after the maesetsu, cue the music and the screams! Out onto the stage came Kamiya and OnoD. They were wearing the tshirts they produced for the event. OnoD greeted the crowd with his usual “mosu.” Kamiya mentioned that it was their first public recording in two years so they were actually pretty nervous and couldn’t remember how to say the “Dear Girl ~Stories~ in CharaHobby 2014″ title call. They yelled out towards all the girls, and then the boys, and there were quite a few boys. Actually there were two outside the stage area in the front row near the center, one wearing a “We <3 DG” shirt and the other wearing a Dandy shirt. I guess they were fans of OnoD. XD The episode’s title was something along the lines of, “This week’s episode brought to you wearing nothing but a baseball cap!” This touched on one of the previous episodes where they were joking that they’ll go on stage with just a baseball cap covering their lower regions. XD

After the commercial break, they asked for a show of hands of those who were attending a DGS public recording for the first time, and also those who were attending an event for the first time. There were quite a number of people who were attending their first event, and OnoD apologized for only wearing a baseball cap. Kamiya then asked, “How do you like our BIG boys?” XD Kamiya then asked OnoD how he was today, referring to his legs, and of course, OnoD had shaved his legs. But because he was wearing boots and jeans, he couldn’t show it to the audience. He also made it clear for the radio listeners that he actually was wearing pants and not just a baseball cap. ^^; The fans were definitely disappointed, and OnoD explained that the only way to show them would be to pull his pants down from above, but if he did that then they wouldn’t be allowed to come back to CharaHobby, hehe.

In the first corner, they introduced the goods they produced for the event. Yagihashi kun came on stage holding the tote bag and all the other goods were attached to it. Before leaving the stage, he gave Kamiya and OnoD each a can of Dr. Pepper.

Since the DGS the week before wasn’t aired due to baseball extra innings, they decided to do some of the projects they did on that episode for the public recording. The mail for that week had to do with festivals. OnoD pointed out that while he remembers the contents of the mail, he doesn’t remember having to pull any ropes. On the stage were two long ropes that led to the side of the stage. Kamiya went first and when he pulled the rope, it was Chanko chan tied to the other end. Chanko chan whispered to Kamiya what his task was, and he had to say a dirty joke that would barely not freak out a girl. Chanko chan then gave Kamiya another can of Dr. Pepper. Kamiya said, “I want to eat mangosteen with you.” Next was OnoD and when he pulled the rope, Yagihashi kun was on the other end. OnoD’s task was to tell a one-line joke relating to CharaHobby. OnoD expressed CharaHobby using his body. First he screamed “kyaa~” like a girl, then did Sinbad’s naked pose for “ra” (which means “naked”), said “hoo~” like he was interested in something, and then in a high voice said “bii—” as if shooting a beam. As always, it was a very visual public recording and those listening on the radio probably had no idea what was going on. XD

Next was the usual video corner. This year they showed video from OnoD’s birthday episode where Kamiya was captured and then they had to solve puzzles. When the video started, Kamiya ran off stage so we all guessed that he was probably changing into something. And sure enough, after the video, Kamiya came back on stage as OnoD’s manager Kamiuchi! He wore a black suit jacket and sunglasses. He came to confirm OnoD’s schedule and wouldn’t listen, saying it would only take a second, as OnoD tried to explain that he was working and that they were on the air. XD Kamiuchi was crazy as usual. OnoD’s schedule included playing a titan in the nude (Shingeki no Kyojin), facing off against a lion (Kuroshitsuji), and because there have been a lot of sports series this year, OnoD would also be starring in “Ono Daisuke no Kuroi Baby Daiya ga Free! de Marumie Pedal!!” (combination of Kuroko no Basket, Baby Steps, Daiya no A, Free, Yowamushi Pedal, and Haikyuu!!). XDDDD For the last one, OnoD would have to pedal on bikes naked so Kamiuchi warned that people might be able to see his “kuroi baby daiya” (black baby diamond, referring to OnoD’s privates), LoL. Also, apparently Kamiya also OK’d all these offers too, to which OnoD told him, “Choose your roles more carefully!” Kamiuchi’s just hilarious.

After Kamiuchi left the stage, OnoD proceed to the next corner which was Dear Voice. Kamiya “returned from the restroom” and they introduced the Dear Voice clips that the crowd would also be participating in. When Kamiya said, “Mou, boku onna no ko ja na~i,” the audience had to respond with, “I’m not a girl.” For OnoD’s voice, he said, “Ore no shiri wa hikaru,” and the audience had to say, “My hip shine!”

Lastly, it was time for an announcement! Every year around October, the show’s theme song is changed, and this year would be no different. However, while Kamiya and OnoD usually sing the theme songs, this year “they” would be singing them: Masochistic Ono Band!! I had the feeling that they would be announcing new songs for the show, but I certainly didn’t imagine that MOB would be the one singing them. And as if that weren’t big enough a surprise, they also announced that the new songs would be recorded on MOB’s major debut mini album! The CD is titled “Masochistic Over Beat” and will be released in December. For the ending, they pointed out how some people were wearing the DGS cap, and OnoD mentioned that he was wearing the ONO-D WILD boxer pants. Apparently some people in the audience were too. ^^; Seeing all the different tshirts people were wearing, it reminded them of all the goods they’ve produced.

And with that, the public recording ended. The huge crowd around the stage area practically disappeared after the DGS public recording ended. Pretty much everyone was there just for that event. ^^;

After I went around the venue and checked out both the KADOKAWA and Bunka Housou Extend booths. At the KADOKAWA booth they had a huge Juri plush with a bunch of little Juri plushies around it. On the head of the big Juri plush was a small Juri plush with glasses and a tie around its forehead like it was drunk. So cute. X3 The Bunka Housou Extend booth had a display of a bunch of items used during the filming of Ace of Asia including the outfits worn by Kamiya and OnoD during the PV, the masks worn by the rival air band, and more.

Before leaving, my friends and I spotted a small line at an area close to the restrooms and it turns out that UchiP was holding an autograph session! My friends and I lined up and when it was our turn, we had him sign the back board of the can badges. Everyone had plenty of time to talk to him, and we talked to him about his trip to France and stuff. Apparently he’s pretty tall, even by European standards. XD Nice guy. It was a good end to a great day. I passed out after getting home. XD


Vote for your favorite Kamiya song!

September 3rd, 2014

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kiramune as well as Kamiya’s 5th anniversary as a solo artist, vote for your favorite Kamiya song!! Songs are ordered by CD release/track order. The poll is open until November 1.

Which is your favorite song by Kamiya? (Kiramune)

    full count (1%, 1 Votes)

    名もなき花 / Na mo Naki Hana (0%, 0 Votes)

    my diary (1%, 1 Votes)

    優しい風 / Yasashii Kaze (0%, 0 Votes)

    バジル / Basil (0%, 0 Votes)

    For myself (0%, 0 Votes)

    LIFE (1%, 1 Votes)

    キズナ / Kizuna (1%, 1 Votes)

    虹色蝶々 / Nijiiro Chouchou (1%, 1 Votes)

    Spring moment (3%, 2 Votes)

    ハッピーアワー / Happy Hour (0%, 0 Votes)

    ミラーワールド / Mirror World (6%, 4 Votes)

    シリカゲル / Silica Gel (0%, 0 Votes)

    1番星 / Ichiban Boshi (0%, 0 Votes)

    STYLE (0%, 0 Votes)

    Hello my shadow (3%, 2 Votes)

    ハレバレハート / Harebare Heart (0%, 0 Votes)

    明日へのバトン / Ashita he no Baton (10%, 7 Votes)

    Dual Wing (1%, 1 Votes)

    Such a beautiful affair (22%, 15 Votes)

    イイカンジ / Ii Kanji (3%, 2 Votes)

    エンジェルマン / Angel Man (0%, 0 Votes)

    ハレのち始まりの日 / Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi (15%, 10 Votes)

    GUILTY (0%, 0 Votes)

    Always Kissing You (1%, 1 Votes)

    PARTNER (0%, 0 Votes)

    everlasting (0%, 0 Votes)

    START AGAIN (3%, 2 Votes)

    三つ葉のクローバー / Mitsuba no Clover (1%, 1 Votes)

    Shall We Circus! (1%, 1 Votes)

    Dolce misto (0%, 0 Votes)

    WALKIN' WALKIN'! (6%, 4 Votes)

    孤独と情熱の焦点 / Kodoku to Jounetsu no Shouten (4%, 3 Votes)

    SELFISH (0%, 0 Votes)

    GLORIOUS TIME (16%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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May 4

May 4th, 2014


And to Izaya too!


Kiramune Music Festival 2014 Event Report

April 27th, 2014

KiraFes 2014 took place on March 22-23 at Yokohama Arena. (Sorry for being so late with the report!) This year marked Kiramune and KiraFes’ 5th anniversary. I’m happy that I can say that I’ve been to all KiraFes events, and even the Kiramune Special Stage at CharaHobby which was Kiramune’s first official event. My, how time flies.

This year they’ve become much more strict with Kiramune events since ticket scalping has become so rampant. There were ID checks before we could enter the venue. This year I borrowed my friends’ luck with tickets and we had great seats both days. The stage was very nicely designed with a hanamichi walkway down the middle leading to the stage in the back. As usual, there cranes and trolleys that brought the audience close to the performers.

The lights went down and the intro movie played as the audience become more and more restless. The music then started and we heard a remix of Get Together! that had never been performed before but where were the voices coming from? Down came the Kiramune boys from above!! The crane lowered them down a bit and they sung in mid air. Everyone wore a white suit with colored trimming that matched their member color. Kamiya looked GREAT. He looks amazing with short hair and put him in a suit? *__________* The remix of Get Together! was really cool and I hope they put it on CD as a bonus with the DVD release.

Kamiya was after Yocchin and he sang START AGAIN, Mirror World, and Nijiiro Chouchou. There was some dancing with START AGAIN which was cool. For the second time he came on stage, he sang Shall We Circus! and Silica Gel. OMG, Shall We Circus! was absolutely amazing!! He was probably lip-syncing but I’ll forgive him because the dancing that went with it was so entertaining. Kamiya appeared from the top of the stage dressed like a magician with a cane and top hat. The LED screens that came out from the back of the stage were used with the song to make it seem like a magic show. Kamiya would jump behind and you can see him on the screen. In the middle of the song he went back and came out wearing a different outfit! Just imagining Kamiya quickly changing behind the screens was enough to make me chuckle. The “La Pa Do it Do Pa Pa ” parts were really cute. The choreography and stage direction for this song were just amazing. I can’t wait to see it again on DVD!

For Kamiya’s third appearance he sang Mitsuba no Clover and Kizuna. I really love Mitsuba no Clover and it’s nice that Kamiya finally sang Kizuna live. It was the one song he had never sung at an event. Even though Miyu kun was present at this year’s event, there was no corner for KAmiYU. I suppose with the addition of Yocchin to the lineup the event would be too long if KAmiYU also had a segment. Pity, really, but they did sing one song for the encore, which was TouriStar. Kamiya and Miyu kun were on each side at the corners of of the center stage and then raised high on the cranes where they sang. I’m pretty sure Kamiya lip synced here too because I could have sworn that no sound came out and he yelled something into the mic on a couple occasions. ^^;

During the encore, two other members would come on stage in the middle of the song and dance or do whatever with the performer as they sang. Kamiya appeared with SuzuKen during Yocchin’s song and danced. Kamiya looks like he has much more fun dancing during other people’s songs than his own. ^^; I guess he has to focus more when dancing for his own songs.

Kamiya sang Ichiban Boshi at the center stage for his encore. The real highlight during the encore was CONNECT’s Conne*Sen though. Everyone in the audience danced along, of course, and in the middle of the song, the rest of the Kiramune members came out on stage to sing along. In the middle of the song there is a long pause where everyone falls and lies down on the floor. This part on the second day was absolutely hilarious! Kamiya, Namikawa, and Irino decided to pile on top of each other. Namikawa was at the bottom with Irino in the middle and Kamiya on top. Micchan and SuzuKen went around commenting on everyone and SuzuKen had an absolute ball when he got to the pile. Since they got to them last, Suzu said that the guys were probably regretting having gone into that position, especially Namikawa since he was at the bottom. Then he talked about their horrible positioning because Miyu kun was on top of Namikawa’s (sweaty) back, and Kamiya’s face was near Namikawa’s sweatiest part– his armpit! Being the little devil his is, Suzu “helped” out at Iwata’s advice by re-positioning Kamiya’s face right in the middle of Namikawa’s armpit!! Cue laughter from the audience. XDDDD Poor, poor, Kamiya. The guys couldn’t take it anymore and began flailing. After they all snapped out of it, Kamiya could be seen wiping his face many times with the sleeve of his tshirt, haha. SuzuKen then pointed at where Namikawa was lying down and had the cameraman come by to get a shot of the floor. There was a HUGE puddle of sweat where Namikawa was!! OMG. Thinking back on it, it was rather quite gross, but at the time everyone was just laughing and amazed that Namikawa could sweat so much. ^^; The music started again and they finished the song, but at the end everyone struck a pose and couldn’t be released from the hypnotic spell until Suzu clapped twice. Again being such a devil, Suzu played tricks on them such as clapping 3 times instead of 2 to see if anyone would react. ^^; It was cute. Finally Suzu clapped twice and the members were released. This was easily one of the biggest highlights of the event. So fun!

Because Micchan wants to focus on doing other things, CONNECT is going on a temporary hiatus which means this was their last live performance for a while. Needless to say, they were last for the encore. After the final greetings, they sang Ever Dream. During the song, the members all went around the venue and threw autographed balls into the crowd. They all met back up at the center of the front stage and exited by going back up into the rafters where they had come down from about 6 hours earlier. Yeah, it was a long event. Tons of fun though and I’m really looking to the video release.

Happy 5th anniversary, Kiramune!


January 28

January 28th, 2014