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DGSFCM event goods

January 22nd, 2013

This month’s SYLPH magazine features DGS Hizuki on the cover and includes information about the goods that will be available at the Budoukan event.

Event Goods

  • Mini Uchiwa-shaped Light – 1500 yen
  • Kamiya Hiroshi Produce Goods Nyaa san Light Pendant – 1500 yen
  • Ono Daisuke Produce Goods Matsuri Matsuri Matsuri Light Bracelet – 1500 yen
  • Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri Official Pamphlet – 2500 yen
  • T-shirt (black/pink) – 2500 yen each
  • Parker – 5000 yen
  • Tote Bag – 2000 yen
  • Long Muffler Towel (navy/orange) – 1500 yen each
  • Do S Megane & Smartphone Cleaner Cloth – 800 yen
  • Masochistic Ono Charity Rubber Wristband (red/white) – 500 yen each
  • DGS Gakuen Pin Badge – 500 yen
  • Seal Matsuri – 500 yen


  • DGS Hizuki Blood Supply Strap – 600 yen
  • DGS Hizuki Clear File Set – 700 yen
  • Kamiya Hiroshi-Ono Daisuke no Dear Girl ~Stories~ DIGEST BOOK 1+2 Special Set – 2000 yen

The DGSFCM official website also lists a clear file set for 700 yen as part of the event goods, but that was not included in the information in SYLPH. The photos on the clear files will be photos of Kamiya and OnoD that were not included in the event pamphlet.

Only one more month until the big event!


DGS Hizuki designs + SYLPH 2012/11 announcements

September 22nd, 2012

The latest issue of SYLPH revealed the human ver. and vampire ver. character designs of HiroC and OnoD for Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hizuki.  The new comic will be illustrated by Hidou Ren and debut in the January 2013 issue of SYLPH to be released November 22, 2012. DGS Hizuki will be on the cover of that issue.

The goods line-up for Dengeki 20th (read: Dengeki nijuunen sai) was also published.

  • Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki PERFECT ART WORKS, 2000 yen
  • Kamiya Hiroshi Produce “Nyaa san shippo smartphone pierce & strap (2WAY),” 1500 yen
  • Ono Daisuke Produce Oinari san Frisk Case “Ononari san,” 600 yen
  • Dear Girl ~Stories~ Charinty Charinty Tshirts, 2500 yen each
    • Kamiya Hiroshi T
    • Ono Daisuke T
    • Do S Kousei Sakka T
    • Yagihashi kun T

The DGS Hibiki art book will be available for purchase at the Girls’ Zone while the other goods will be available at the Bunka Housou A&G booth. Rough illustrations for DGS Hizuki will also be on display at the event. Dengeki 20th will be taking place October 20-21 at Makuhari Messe halls 1-4. Admission is free. The DGS public recording will be taking place on October 21 at 1PM on Stage 2.

Also announced in this month’s SYLPH was the cast for the DGS Hibiki THE Final drama CD, and the jacket cover illustrated by Iwasaki sensei was revealed.

Of course, the rest of the cast will be the same. The drama CD will be released on October 20 and retail for 2940 yen. A trial edition CD will be included with the December 2012 issue of SYLPH to be released October 22. It will have  a bonus track and cast talk only available only on this CD.

Lastly, the game BROTHERS CONFLICT will become an anime series. An air date has not yet been announced, but the cast will be the same as the game with OnoD as Subaru and Kamiya as the squirrel Juri.


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DGS Public Recording in Dengeki 20 Sai

July 22nd, 2012

It was announced in the latest issue of SYLPH and on the radio show that this year’s public recording will be taking place at Dengeki 20 Sai. The event commemorates Dengeki’s 20th anniversary. Five years ago, DGS held its first public recording at Dengeki 15 Sai, which commemorated Dengeki’s 15th anniversary. The event and participation details are as follows:

Dengeki 20 Sai
Date: October 20-21, 2012
Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Makuhari Messe, Halls 1-4
Admission: Free

DGS Public Recording in Dengeki 20 Sai
Date: October 21, 2012
Time: 13:00 – 13:40
Location: Stage 2
Participation: Lottery via 4 possible application methods

  • Apply through the show
    Send a postcard with your address, name, age, and phone number to:
    Bunka Housou “Kamiya Hiroshi-Ono Daisuke Dear Girl Stories~” Koukai Rokuon Gakari
    Deadline: Postmarked by August 31
  • Apply through SYLPH
    Mail in the application included with the September issue of SYLPH
    Deadline: Postmarked by August 31
  • Apply through Dengeki Girl’s Style
    Mail in the application included with the September issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style
    Deadline: Postmarked by August 31
  • Apply through Animelo
    Use the form on the Animelo mobile website to submit an entry
    Application period: July 21 25:30 – August 31 24:00

There will be no public recording at CharaHobby this year.

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DGS4LO goods, upcoming SYLPH furoku

March 23rd, 2011

This month’s issue of SYLPH does not include a chapter of DGS Hibiki but they announced the goods that will be on sale at the DGS event in April, as well as upcoming DGS Hibiki furoku that will be included with the magazine.

First up, the furoku!
As mentioned on last week’s DGS, upcoming issues of SYLPH will include straps as bonuses. July’s issue (to be released 5/21) will include a rubber strap of HiroC, OnoD, and Nyaa san. The August issue (to be released 6/22) will include a figure strap of HiroC, and the September issue (to be released 7/22) will include a figure strap of OnoD. The figure straps are similar to those included in previous issues. Aren’t they adorable? =)

Next, as with every DGS public recording, the 4 Lovers Only event in April will feature new tshirts! Each will retail for 2500 yen. Kamiya’s tshirt design reads “Experience Heart Strength & horse?” in reference to this year’s birthday episode where he started writing “経験 (keiken/experience) and it somehow turned into “馬 (uma/horse).” OnoD’s tshirt is “We <3 DG,” following up on his “I <3 DG” design, and Suwa san’s tshirt is “Do Glasses Sadistics.”

As for DGS Hibiki goods, they’ll be selling the following:

  • HiroC/OnoD netsuke straps – 500 yen each
  • Goods Set 4 Lovers Only – 3500 yen
    Includes a tumbler mug, 2 earl grey tea bags, a ticket and photo album, and a set of HiroC/OnoD teru teru bouzu straps inside a large shopper bag
  • Neko Masshigura Hibiki Can Premium – 800 yen
    Milk and melonu-flavored caramel candies inside a cat food-like can
  • Long Poster (2-poster set) – 500 yen

The event is just over a month away. So exciting!

Lastly, I mentioned it on Hibiki’s Twitter account, but the release of the DGS album, Stories, has been delayed until April 6th due to the large earthquake on March 11th.

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SYLPH Announcement

January 22nd, 2011
SYLPH 2011/03 Announcement

SYLPH 2011/03

A huge announcement was published in this month’s SYLPH (released 1/22).

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Birthday Disc 2010 Kamiya Hiroshi Seitansai Radio CD will be released February 24. A tokuten DVD will be included which includes

SYLPH 2011/03 Furoku


Dear Girl ~Stories~ THE MOVIE on it! The two-disc set will retail for 4700 yen. Pre-orders open tomorrow, January 23.

This month’s issue of SYLPH does not include a chapter of DGS Hibiki but came with a DGS Hibiki shitajiki (pencil board). April and May’s issues will both include DGS Hibiki furoku. April’s issue will come with body painting stickers of DGS logos and such, and May’s will include an uchiwa (fan).

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